Art and the subject in ‘becoming’ teacher

The ‘subject’ and ‘subjectivity’ in the world is applied to the context of global performative based teacher education by Julianne Moss and Anne-Marie Morrissey in chapter eleven of Art, Artists and Pedagogy.

Reflecting on the shift in thinking in relation to the theorization of identity and subjectivity, Moss and Morrissey explain with reference, to McLeod and Yates (2006) that subjectivity: “alerts us not so much to the idiosyncrasies of the individual (though this is, of course, relevant), as to how ‘subjects’ are formed – the range of influences, practices, experiences, and relations that combine to produce a young person and young people.” (p.38)

Focusing on an example of a student teacher on placement, Moss and Morrissey examine how the changing subjectivity is an essential component of the emerging teacher. Moss and Morrissey relate a change of emphasis in a ‘still life’ art class undertaken by a student with her class. Through the account of the teacher we see her coming to terms with herself, her desires, and those of her class as she learns to mitigate her own knowledge and skills with those of the children.

'Art, Artists and Pedagogy' (Edited by Naughton, Biesta and Cole) is published by Routledge.

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